G.I. Pamphlet Series

Une série de brochures pour G.I. a été préparée sous la direction de la Division de l'armée d'information et d'éducation entre 1943 et 1945 « pour augmenter l'efficacité des soldats et des dirigeants comme combattants pendant la guerre et comme citoyens après la guerre. »

L’extrait qui suit décrit la population asiatique présente dans certaines iles d’Océanie :

Peoples from Asia

…Several thousand Tonkinese and Javanese are in the French colonies, especially New Caledonia, but nearly all of them are temporary laborers.

Little new immigration has taken place in recent years. By now, most of the people classed as Asian are island-born. Their numbers are increasing, but at the same time they are usually becoming slowly fused with the island stocks through intermarriage, and their ways of living have greatly changed from those of the
Asian homelands. As with most immigrants winning their way in alien settings; these peoples are usually industrious, orderly, and progressive. The local-born
youth hold citizenship in the new country, and many become well educated.

There is still plenty of prejudice in the islands against these Asian peoples, especially where- they form a large group and their go-getting competition in economic matters is resented. Yet the realistic point of view demands that those who are permanent residents should be treated as a normal part of the population and their interests taken into account.

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